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Monday, June 7, 2010



Try these quick fixes to prevent dry, wrinkled hands. Our hands take more abuse than any other body part and this usually shows. 

No matter how careful are you with your skincare routine, your hands will 
reveal your true age if not cared for. Treat your hands with respect and you'll see results almost immediately. 

Slip on a pair of gloves when doing homework to prevent over exposure to water and harsh chemicals. Better yet, apply a thick layer of mosturiser before wearing the gloves.

Once a week, slough off dead skin cells with a solution of coarse sea salt and lemon juice. Pat dry, then coat hands in a mixture of honey and olive oil and stick them into sandwich bags for half an hour. 

Or you could plunge your hands into a bowl of warm milk whenever you're lazing in front of the TV. Your hands will love you for it.

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