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Monday, June 7, 2010


  • CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT at home that encourages a child's curiosity. Ensure that your attitude as a parent towards learning is one excitement and reinforce this in your child.

  • THE OLDER THE CHILD, the more important the peer group is in the development of the child's motivation, so you should try to encourage your child's contact with peers who are motivated to do well at school and are intrinsically motivated to learn.

  • IF POSSIBLE, REWARD YOUR CHILD for having done a good job, for a competent performance, rather than for simply having completed a task moderately well.

  • CREATE EXCITING AND INTERESTING opportunities for your child to learn, to use his imagination and in which he can be creative and where he is able to see the results of his creativity and work.

  • THE MORE YOUR CHILD IS ABLE TO SEE the connection between his actions and an outcome, the more he will be in a position to take responsibility for his actions.

  • ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD'S INVOLVEMENT in as much decision-making as possible, at home and at school.

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