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Monday, June 7, 2010


Barefoot is best for arthritic knees. Flexible shoes are kinder to arthritic knees, but nothing beats going barefoot, according to a study from Rush University Medical College in Chicago. 

'Stability (firm support) shoes are popular and many people with osteoarthritic of the knee end's up wearing them." says study leader Dr Najia Shakoor."But these shoes are associated with significantly higher knee loads compared to more flexible shoes."

Although Shakoor does not recommend thongs, which can lead to other foot problems and a higher risk of falls, she suggests people with arthritic knees stick with flat, flexible shoes." 

When there is less surface to the shoe, the foot has better proprioceptive sense - meaning it knows when it touches the ground compared to an insulated foot. This allows normal neuromuscular reflexes to come in to play and protect the rest of the legs from the impact of hitting the ground.

Hopefully, this info will make you more alert about health. Unfortunately, women with high heel shoes are twins as like as men with the cigarettes. Do you agree with me, girls?

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